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Master Marketing & Communication

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Master of Marketing & Communication

Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)

In the Master's program Marketing & Communication They deal with the key aspects of corporate communications. Your lecturers are communications professionals from companies and agencies as well as compartment sizes from science. The course contents are in accordance with practice-oriented and meet high academic standards.

Strengthened sustainability of these is through the KCM competence center for marketing and media industry: The research facility of the FOM sees itself as a think tank for scientists and fostering dialogue with marketing and media experts and executives from practice. under the scientific leadership, the KCM Insights into the future of buyer or user or recipient behavior from the economics perspective. The scientific findings of this applied research flow directly into the courses of your Master's program. You complete your studies with a Master of Science (MSc) in Marketing & Communication

Course contents:

Course content may vary depending on the baseline. Due to the field of study preferences of the students the individual university study centers regional profiles carried out regularly majors and electives have developed. If the preferences of the students change, these programs would be adjusted accordingly.

1st semester

Compact Courses *

Decision-oriented management

• Decision theory
• Behavioural Economics
• Economic Psychology

Communication tools

• Scientific communication models
• Traditional advertising
• social media, online, mobile communications
• Public Relations
• Trade Shows, Events
• Investor Relations
• Employer Branding

Advertising and media psychology

• Scientific Classification
• Effective models of advertising
• media use and media effects
• methods of advertising and media psychology
• social techniques of advertising and communication design
Transfer Assessment

Second semester

Compact Courses *

Key Competencies

• Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
• Negotiation and facilitation training

Scientific Methodology and Research Forum

• Theoretical foundations
• Qualitative and quantitative research
• Method of quantitative research

Methods of quantitative data analysis

Project: IT Management in Corporate Communication

Communications planning and controlling

• Kommunikatoinskonzeption
• fixing the communication budget
• Measurement of the communication impact
• impact measurement in the Public Relations
• Performance measurement in communication
• Integrated performance monitoring in communications
Transfer Assessment

3rd Semester

Compact Courses *

International brand and campaign management

• Brand strategy
• brand management and communications
• Integrated communication management
• Campaign planning, execution and control
• International campaigns

Project: Market and Competition Research

Customer Contact Management

• From product to customer focus
• Key aspects of Customer Contact Management
• Model Theoretical Foundations
• Selected action and fields of activity

Project: advertising and communication campaigns

Transfer Assessment

4 Semester

Master's Thesis and Colloquium (plus Exposé and Thesis Day)

Transfer Assessment

* Compact Courses for individual competence development: Brush up on your knowledge of each semester in free short courses on:

• Course-related trade specifics
eLearning • Mathematics
• Statistics eLearning

Requirements for admission:

• university degree (Diplom, Magister, Bachelor, state exam) a university, college of the Cooperative State University with an economics share of at least 60 credit points or
(be this must of the bridge course Business Administration graduated basics) • University degree of any field of study and a half years of relevant work experience
• and current occupation (in exceptional cases it can be varied.)

Start date and duration:

Baseline: in March and September of each year (depending on the study) Deadline: 6 weeks before the start of the semester (maybe even a short-term application possible) Duration: 4 Semester Break: August and mid-to late February ECTS: 120


Tuition Fee: 24 months installments of 395 Euros, plus a one-time enrollment fee of 1,580 euros and an examination fee of 350 € (once at the end of the study), a total of 11,410 euros

Lecture times (subject to change)


2-3 times a month: an evening in the hours of 18:00 21:15 clock, Fridays from 16.30 clock bis 21:30 clock and Saturdays from 08:30 bis 17:00 clock clock


From 451 universities in Germany until early 2012 five universities were systemakkreditiert by FIBAA, including the FOM. This goods Siegel one of the world's most important agencies for the evaluation of universities shows that the quality management of the FOM corresponds to the highest international standard. NRW Minister Svenja Schulze science: "This success I congratulate very warmly. The FOM is thus one of the best private colleges in the country. "The program, Corporate Communication" is currently in the accreditation

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