Studieren Sie Masterstudiengänge in Dominica

Masterstudiengänge in Dominica 2018/2019

About Dominica

Individuals looking forward to spending their higher education years studying abroad may wish to do so in the Dominica. Studying overseas can be an exciting opportunity, especially in a diverse country like Dominica. This island country is located in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. The small island is only 290 square miles, but it is home to about 72,300 people. First settled by the Spanish, then a colony of France and later England, the country has a diverse background and many cultures present. This can make for an exciting opportunity.

There are many exciting things to know about the Dominica. For example, much of it is covered in rainforests. It is also home to the second largest hot spring. There are many rivers and waterfalls throughout it and sandy beaches to the north. That's why it is a popular tourist area especially for scuba divers. The Morne Trois Pitons National park is a World Heritage Site. 

Living in Dominica

With a hot and humid climate and a modern, but still very religious culture, there is no doubt that students will find much to look forward to when attending college in Dominica. The country is affordable to live in and student visas are readily available to those with a clean criminal background and an accredited educational background.

For those students who wish to do so, it may be possible to remain in the country after receiving a degree from the Dominica. To do so, you would need to find employment with a company in the field of your degree. Medical and environmental engineering degrees and qualified individuals are very much in demand here as the country continues to flourish with modern technology. Students will need a work permit to remain. Keep in mind that a degree from Dominica is one that's desirable around the world.  Finding opportunities outside of the country is possible.

Fakten über Dominica

Capital: Roseau
Official Languages: English
Government: Unitary parliamentary republic
Population: 72,337
Gross Domestic Product: $1.002 billion
Currency: East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Time zone: (UTC-4)