Executive Master of Leadership in Human Resource Management

WFI - Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Ingolstadt School of Management


Executive Master of Leadership in Human Resource Management

WFI - Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Ingolstadt School of Management

Executive Master of Leadership in Human Resource Management

With the occupational course "Executive Master of Leadership in Human Resource Management" (hrm.master) starts at the WFI Ingolstadt School of Management at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, a master program in particular is aimed at managers and outstanding young talent in the human resources, their bringing knowledge up to date and want to professionalize their own work on. The practical relevance and the quality of the curriculum ensure outstanding scholars and practitioners from the entire German-speaking area.

The hrm.master shows HR talent and HR professionals on new ways of professionalization in HRM in order to take over the growing, especially in times of economic crisis responsibility of the staff and Mangements can simultaneously participate actively in the implementation of corporate strategy. The focus of the curriculum thus focuses on the role of human resource management as a strategic partner in corporate management and the contributions of the human resources function for the company's success.

Leadership in HRM!

The special importance of human resources for the company's success is now widely recognized. Those who are to "manage" in the company this crucial resource, are considered by leading companies as a strategic partner in corporate management. Especially in light of the ever-intensifying national and international competition as well as the current turmoil in the financial markets but also the decision makers in HR are faced with ever greater strategic challenges.

The aim of the hrm.master is therefore to give HR managers the "Tools" at hand to participate in key strategic decisions, and implement them actively to the company's success clearly highlight the contribution of HRM.

The target group of hrm.master

  • HR talents that make the "leap forward" and to prepare in a responsible position in the Human Resource Management want.
  • Managers in HRM who want to bring their knowledge up to date and highlight the strategic contribution of HRM even stronger.
  • Executives in other functional areas who believe in the potential of the human factor, that want to fully exploit and make the necessary changes active with people.

Objective: professionalization in HRM!

The participants of our Executive Master of Leadership in Human Resource Management - hrm.master - be qualified in two ways: First, addressed by both the operational and strategic requirements of a HRM detail and state-of-the-art solutions for this are offered. And secondly, by promoting the fact also credible and sustainable way to represent the role as a strategic partner and change agent.

We develop potential!

The hrm.master derives his profile directly from the strategic and practical requirements of future-oriented human resource management activities. We confront our students immediately with current strategic issues of human resource management and oriented toward the interactive methods of management training.

Our participants bring their experience with potential - in this we put them on. In the interaction with the faculty and fellow students, they are constantly expanding their HR potential in technical and management topics.

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