Masterstudiengang in Nachhaltigkeit in Finnland

Vergleichen Sie Masterstudiengänge in Nachhaltigkeit in Finnland 2018


Ein Master ist die erste Stufe der Graduiertenausbildung und kann erreicht werden, nachdem Sie einen Bachelor-Abschluss erhalten haben. Der Abschluss eines Masters erfordert in der Regel zwei Jahre im Vollzeitstudium, welches sich auf 36 bis 54 Semester-Credits beläuft.  

Finnland, offiziell die Republik Finnland, ist ein nordisches Land in der Fennoscandian Region Nordeuropa.

Erstklassige Masterstudiengänge in Nachhaltigkeit in Finnland 2018


Master's Programme in Circular Economy

Lappeenranta University of Technology
Campusstudium Vollzeit August 2018 Finnland Lappeenranta

In this Master's programme, you will learn how to replace goods with services if it is more efficient and better for the environment. For example, information technology can offer us access to products and assets which can be utilised to create these solutions. [+]

The Master's programme in Circular Economy is offered by Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) on the Lahti Campus.

The existing economic system is based on the take-make-and-dispose approach powered mostly by fossil fuels. The assumption is that increasing economic growth produces so much surplus that arising adverse environmental impacts could be dealt with.

However, the system keeps growing only if there are enough resources for transformation, sinks for waste, credit for investments and economic growth.

The circular economy offers an alternative. It aims to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value. It aims to decouple economic growth from the consumption of finite resources by closing the loop of product life cycles. The system in which materials are transformed into useful goods and services endlessly is powered by renewable energy systems.... [-]