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In an agile, digitized working world, specialists who are competent and flexible in dealing with the challenges of digital change are in demand. At the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management, gifted and talented students from all over the world find ideal learning environment in which they can learn methods, realize innovative ideas and develop their personalities. Our international community of students and lecturers creates an intercultural atmosphere in which individual learning is made possible through freedom and intensive learning support.

Ideal learning conditions at the NIT in Hamburg, Germany!


Founded: in 1998 by professors at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) as a gGmbH – with financial support from the Körber Foundation and companies
Location: The NIT Building – Gebäude F, Kasernenstr. 12 – is on the TUHH campus in Hamburg-Harburg
Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Otto von Estorff (President), Dr. Klemens Kleiminger (CEO)

Over 550 alumni around the world who have graduated with a master’s at the NIT/TUHH
About 30 students a year take up a study program at the NIT, including around 30 percent female students
Two thirds of the students are from other countries, mostly overseas

50 (30 currently active) professors from renowned universities and business schools around the world, such as Cranfield University, UK, I. E. Madrid, Spain, Portland State University, and Babson College
40 (20 currently active) teachers with a practical background
10 research assistants from the TUHH

Our Values

We at the NIT feel ourselves committed to sustainable development and to appreciative and respectful interaction in the world, and we have implemented this intention in our curriculum.
Our aim is to enable visionary personalities to put new technologies to use for humankind and the environment. We create ideal learning spaces for our students and further education participants. We provide impulses for innovation and digital change.

In addition to teaching professional and personal competences we set our sights on a unique community in which we network people of different origins and disciplines.
To strengthen this community we maintain an international network of alumni, teachers, and partners. We have also set up our booster club commuNITy e.V. to help support student projects.

Master Studies in Technology Management: Master, MBA or Double Degree Master

At the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management you can study technology management individually. Depending on your personal goals, you can complete your studies at the NIT with a master's degree, a double degree in combination with a master's degree in engineering or natural sciences at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) or with a certificate, for example with an Innovation Manager qualification.

Individual learning paths that fit in with your life

The modules of our program are each designed as an individual digital learning paths consisting of classroom and group phases as well as online learning. Classroom courses take place almost exclusively in the off-peak hours - on Friday evenings and weekends. Thus, the Master's program can be organised according to your life situation and can be completed part-time, alongside a doctorate or, for example, in harmony with family life.

20 years of experience in Technology Management

For 20 years, the NIT has attracted outstanding students and lecturers from all over the world. They benefit from an international and intercultural atmosphere in which ideas are openly discussed and innovative projects are put into practice.
Management studies at the NIT have always offered a strong practical orientation that is promoted by a constant exchange with partners from business and science.


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